My Favorite Photos This Year...

This year has been good. I can only be thankful God for how far He has brought me in life and in my craft as an artist. I have learnt a lot this year and had eye-opening experiences. I was going through photos I've taken this year and i decided to share some of my favorite photos through out this year. I've enjoyed doing portraits, fashion and commercial photography this year. I also realized that my talent and craft is really appreciated in these three genre of photography. 
 I'm not saying these are my best photographs...but these are my personal favorites. The best is obviously yet to come. I used #ONELIGHT for all of them. Take a look at them;

Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for your time.
2016 is going to be a great year.


  1. My name is kingsley Osei-Abrah. i started fusion Works which is a photography and video production team based in New York. I want to know if I can contact you so we talk. I am young and I am looking for someone to help me develop my skills. on facebook my name is kingsley oxford.

  2. Ben, your photography is stunning, what a wonderful pictures, you have a gift, in Spain we say you have the eye of the photographer. I hope it takes you to the top. I am a professional photographer but I can appreciate good work when see it. Thank you. Regards